female sidekick

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  • When the show eventually returned the premise had been considerably retooled, with Macnee moved to the lead role, accompanied by an attractive and highly capable female sidekick, and a much more whimsical tone.
  • She has worked in television and movies but created her own niche in radio when joining this show as an outspoken and articulate partner (not a female sidekick to a male host) in 1992.
  • Boogie also lacks in the comic strips a female sidekick: although Marcia does exist in such media, she's just one more of many others secondary characters abused or insulted by Boogie.
  • When an anti-super hero mob threatens a weakened Booster's life, she reluctantly puts on the Goldstar costume that had been developed to give Booster a female sidekick.
  • A Warrior typically entered the show's arena accompanied by his own bombastic theme music and-in several cases-a comely female sidekick; in later episodes, weekly contestants were also allotted female companions, courtesy of Perfect 10 magazine.
  • The hosted segments were shot in black and white and featured Shaw wearing a tuxedo in the "Condensed Classics" movie lounge where he'd do short comedy bits, usually with a comely female sidekick in a 1940s era cocktail dress.
  • Dread Central panned the film, criticizing the chemistry between Estella Warren and Victor Parascos, stating "Xena and her female sidekick Gabrielle shared more sexual chemistry than these two."
  • This was a commercial success, and a sequel Za La Mort was released in 1915 introducing a female sidekick Za La Vie (played by Kally Sambucini).