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  • Is it not time you left off feigning what you do not feel? Cited from The Master-Christian, Marie Corelli
  • He really did what so many public men only feign to do. Cited from Burke, by John Morley
  • His parents came home late and went to bed while he was feigning sleep. Cited from Dream Psychology, by Sigmund Freud
  • She lay very still with her eyes closed for a long time, feigning sleep. Cited from The Camp Fire Girls in the Maine Woods, by Hildegard G. Frey
  • We will both feign ourselves dead, and you shall see all will go well. Cited from The Arabian Nights Entertainments Complete
  • But none of the company knew so well how to feign as he. Cited from Renaissance in Italy, Vol. 1, by John Addington Symonds
  • So she feigned to sleep, but placed herself within sight of the window. Cited from Sketches and Studies in Italy and Greece, Complete, by John Symonds
  • I have one already at home that feigns death at the word of command. Cited from Sea and Shore, by Mrs. Catharine A. Warfield
  • Then he sat down and wrote a letter in a feigned hand. Cited from German Classics of the 19th & 20th Centuries, Vol. VIII, Ed. by Francke
  • He passed under feigned names, and moved about as little as possible. Cited from Speeches from the Dock, Part I, by Various
  • These include, for example, the ability know when a player is feigning being dead.
  • Let us never try to feign what we never shall feel. Cited from Louisa of Prussia and Her Times, by L. Muhlbach #7
  • He opened the door, and then threw up his hands in well-feigned surprise. Cited from The boy Allies at Liege, by Clair W. Hayes
  • She did not know that her interest in her book was partly feigned. Cited from The Triumph of John Kars, by Ridgwell Cullum
  • Why, then, should she feign if it is not in order to see the doctor? Cited from The Princess Priscilla's Fortnight, by Elizabeth von Arnim
  • A moment he opened his eyes, then closed them, and feigned sleep. Cited from Inez, by Augusta J. Evans
  • It never occurred, however, to her that his present name was the feigned one. Cited from Two Years Ago, Volume I, by Charles Kinglsey
  • And they said that he feigned, for to escape from them in some manner. Cited from Bible Stories and Religious Classics, by Philip P. Wells
  • He turned upon her with surprise so well-feigned that she fully believed he had not heard her coming. Cited from Ambrotox and Limping Dick, by Oliver Fleming
  • He opened his eyes and sat up with a start of recognition, feigned or real. Cited from The Castle Inn, by Stanley John Weyman
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Meaning of feign

  • verb Make believe with the intent to deceive
    He feigned that he was ill, He shammed a headache