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  • The party is a federal party with branches in each state and territory.
  • It is, however, described as being based on a federal model or federal in nature.
  • Many of these regions are based on state and federal highway systems.
  • The main economic activity of the federal capital results from its administrative function.
  • It is one of the rare high-style Federal homes in the city.
  • Much work remained to do in creating a federal government.
  • Thus, at the federal level, governments are formed with at least two parties.
  • As a result of that federal election, the grand coalition came to an end.
  • Federal courts may only hear cases where federal jurisdiction can be established.
  • The channel of the river has been considerably improved by the federal government.
  • The city became and still is home to a number of federal agencies and organizations.
  • Below the federal level, the parties are entirely independent.
  • Of the party's nine elected federal parliamentary leaders, six were women.
  • Canada's federal government has influenced Canadian culture with programs, laws and institutions.
  • In the United States, there is no right to protect sources in a federal court.
  • The American legal system includes both state courts and federal courts.
  • It was influential in the development of the federal government of the United States.
  • Washington had a vision of a great and powerful nation that would be built on republican lines using federal power.
  • It is one of the city's best-preserved Federal buildings.
  • Nation-wide passenger services are provided by the federal crown corporation Via Rail.
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Meaning of federal

  • noun A member of the union army during the american civil war
  • noun Any federal law-enforcement officer
  • adjective Of or relating to the central government of a federation
    a federal district is one set aside as the seat of the national government
  • adjective Characterized by or constituting a form of government in which power is divided between one central and several regional authorities
    a federal system like that of the United States, federal governments often evolved out of confederations