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  • But when he begins to speak of love she becomes fearful and runs out.
  • They were fearful of what their brother, the new King, could do to them.
  • The owners were fearful that other star players would follow their example.
  • London's residents started to become fearful of the increased black population.
  • This had a fearful effect on her husband, who refused to complete the ceremony.
  • She becomes one of his "girls" and is fearful of leaving him.
  • Years later, he begins to grow fearful that all he has accomplished will be lost upon his death.
  • Fearful that his wife would discover his secret, he cuts her out of his life.
  • Their growing love is very dangerous and it leads them into the most fearful consequences.
  • The conservatives were fearful of losing their long-held social and economic power.
  • No one understands why some people change, but it is a fearful thing.
  • Fearful of offending her father, they keep their relationship a secret for the time being.
  • He is always fearful of something and does not want to be too conspicuous.
  • She supported herself and her son by painting while living in hiding, fearful of discovery.
  • People are often fearful of large pythons and may kill them on sight.
  • He is fearful of the twins' powers after their mother turned his two brothers into dogs.
  • Fearful, he turned back without getting his horse.
  • She told them to not be fearful or suspicious of that person who will be a woman.
  • Here he is portrayed as being fearful of being replaced by modern machinery.
  • Her mother, who had always been fearful about her daughter's health, outlived her by one year.
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