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  • This song has been recorded by many artists and remains one of my favourites.
  • Britain were hot favourites, and won all three of their group stage games.
  • The Model men were once again the favourites, having such a good league experience.
  • He used to think that he had to make films on the lines of his favourites.
  • Advanced age destroyed his energy, and he was entirely in the hands of favourites.
  • After the first week he was in sixth place overall, leading the favourites.
  • The music in the programme featured tracks from his new album and some old favourites.
  • There was little question as to who were the favourites going into the tournament.
  • Several tracks from the album became firm live favourites, and featured on two later live albums.
  • Other favourites finished much later, and lost their hopes of winning the Tour.
  • Taylor has described the win as one of the favourites of his career.
  • At all times he was much under the influence of favourites.
  • England tried from the start to take the game to the favourites, Germany.
  • In England other royal favourites were to be seen in these terms.
  • Although the course was really difficult, the favourites did not feel like attacking today.
  • This made them one of the favourites to win the league.
  • New Zealand were again one of the favourites to take the championship.
  • France would go on to face World Cup favourites England in the semi-final.
  • This time the album contained some original compositions as well as stage favourites.
  • Home captains were selected by the home ground authority, who often went for their local favourites.
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Root form of favourites is favourite for the noun.