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  • Info A favourite or favorite (American English), was the intimate companion of a ruler or other important person. more...
  • By the time he reached the age of majority he had become a general favourite.
  • The author has often said that these are his own favourite stories.
  • He took the opportunity to fly some of his all time favourite aircraft.
  • Every jury member could give one point to his or her favourite song.
  • Smith has said that the song is his all-time favourite.
  • This song has been recorded by many artists and remains one of my favourites.
  • Britain were hot favourites, and won all three of their group stage games.
  • The White House was a favourite location to live during the war years.
  • Only two of the pre race favourites would eventually start the race.
  • The straight drive is often said to be his favourite shot.
  • Richard is often depicted as having been the favourite son of his mother.
  • She had lost her husband, and had some while occupied the post of chief favourite to the emperor.
  • It has since been produced all over the world, and has become a favourite with amateur groups.
  • The Model men were once again the favourites, having such a good league experience.
  • He used to think that he had to make films on the lines of his favourites.
  • Popular since its first publication, the novel remains a favourite with readers today.
  • The author has said that of the novels he has written, this is his personal favourite.
  • Advanced age destroyed his energy, and he was entirely in the hands of favourites.
  • After the first week he was in sixth place overall, leading the favourites.
  • The music in the programme featured tracks from his new album and some old favourites.
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