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  • Men would murder me, Because they think me favourer of this marriage. Cited from Queen Mary and Harold, by Alfred Lord Tennyson
  • Thou art still a favourer of the women, I find. Cited from Works, Vol XII, Miscellanies Pt II, Fielding
  • Of the poor he was a great and constant favourer. Cited from Heroes Every Child Should Know, by Hamilton Mabie
  • Do not I know you for a favourer Of this new sect? Cited from King Henry VIII, by William Shakespeare
  • William had shown himself in many instances a friend to the church, and a favourer of the clergy. Cited from Selections, Speeches and Writings of Edmund Burke
  • He is called a "favourer" of the new doctrines, but it is not stated how far he went in their support. Cited from A Popular History of Ireland V1, by T.D. McGee
  • About this time he became a great favourer of the Nonconformists. Cited from Lives of the Poets, Great Britain/Ireland, Vol. II, by Theophilus Cibber
  • Like him he was a poet, and a favourer of poets. Cited from The Project Gutenberg Encyclopedia Volume 1 of 28
  • And yet though the hereditary favourer, and one of the chief props of French authority, he has always an eye upon the past. Cited from In the South Seas, by Robert Louis Stevenson
  • From the time of the Restoration, he had been a favourer of monarchy, perhaps more so, because the opinion divided him from his own family. Cited from The Dramatic Works of John Dryden, Vol. I, ed. by Sir Walter Scott
  • He was no favourer of his friends in his judgments, for he valued more godly justice than the distinctions of rank. Cited from Sutherland and Caithness in Saga-Time, by James Gray
  • Your favourer, poor Mrs. Norton, thinks you know nothing of the pert creature's writing. Cited from Clarissa, Volume 7, by Samuel Richardson
  • After continuing in Rome about a year and a half, he found himself suspect in Rome as a favourer of Protestant doctrine.
  • Alwyn, true to his anti-feudal principles, animated all the young freemen to support the merchant-king, the favourer of commerce, the man of his age! Cited from Last of the Barons, by Lytton, Book 12
  • ALTHOUGH I know the emperor is both an admirer and favourer of our religion, yet give me leave to advise you against your suffering any injury (by showing favour to us). Cited from Forbidden Gospels, St. Paul, by Wake, V5
  • For that young Athenian, destined to so renowned a place in the history of his country, was, despite his popular manners, no favourer of the popular passions. Cited from Pausanias, the Spartan, by Lord Lytton
  • Alphonso was at once a patron of the church, and a protector if not a favourer of the Mahommedans, who formed a large part of his subjects. Cited from The Project Gutenberg Encyclopedia Volume 1 of 28
  • If even some mistakes have escaped him, of which the Socinians might take advantage, these will not authorise us to accuse him of being a favourer of that heresy. Cited from The Life of the Truly Eminent and Learned Hugo Grotius, by Burigny
  • It was probably accidental, as the Earl was a favourer of the reformed religion, and not likely to meet with treachery in England. Cited from An Illustrated History of Ireland from AD 400 to 1800, by Cusack
  • "They introduced into the camp the insolence of their own agora, and were publicly heard in the streets inveighing against myself as a favourer of the Persians." Cited from Pausanias, the Spartan, by Lord Lytton
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