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  • This fact favoured its economic development which was shown by the construction of several important buildings.
  • They also introduced modern western military training which favoured fire-arms over traditional weaponry.
  • A nation could enter into a "most favoured nation" treaty with another nation.
  • She is favoured by her mother because of her beauty.
  • This was not favoured by the United States and by certain other countries.
  • Many factors favoured its development as a language of its own.
  • Charlotte favoured her mother's point of view, as did most of the public.
  • Using this method of photography, still subject matter, such as buildings, were favoured.
  • He was favoured by both the United Kingdom and France to win.
  • Breeding can be at any time of year depending on conditions, with spring being favoured.
  • Occasionally he would vary his output with a classical piece like those he favoured in his earlier years.
  • This wing favoured beginning negotiations while there was still time to get reasonable terms.
  • The party favoured equal marriage laws, equal pay for equal work, and equal job opportunities for women.
  • However, the victory was not a turning point in the war, which continued and often favoured Spain.
  • She is known to cause fear and confusion among soldiers to move the tide of battle to her favoured side.
  • Duplessis favoured rural areas over city development and introduced various agricultural credits during his first term.
  • Although favoured for siege work, the common shell was not always effective against infantry.
  • This was because the courts of the various German states favoured opera in Italian.
  • This method, favoured by some industrial nations, is slower and generally less complete.
  • He was greatly favoured by King John early in his reign.
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Root form of favoured is favour for the verb.

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