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  • Why is no poet call'd to birth In such a favour'd spot of earth? Cited from Poems (1786), Volume I., by Helen Maria Williams
  • It seems that his prayer has been answered in your favour.
  • A nation could enter into a "most favoured nation" treaty with another nation.
  • Neither she demanded nor accepted any favours from anyone throughout her life.
  • Though once held in very high regard, Cymbeline has lost favour over the past century.
  • You must ride with fortune if you expect to win many of her favours. Cited from The Black Colonel, by James Milne
  • The late 19th century saw increasing support for the home rule/independence movement, though not all were in favour.
  • We must not make a false step now, when fortune is at last favouring us. Cited from Bonnie Prince Charlie, by G. A. Henty
  • On the following morning, the wind favouring them, they made another attempt at getting out of the river. Cited from Lander's Travels, by Robert Huish
  • She is favoured by her mother because of her beauty.
  • Both sides claim that the sequence of events was such that favours their cause.
  • He decided to enter the Italian War in favour of his new ally.
  • This was not favoured by the United States and by certain other countries.
  • She was not used to asking even small favours from her friends. Cited from Good Old Anna, by Marie Belloc Lowndes
  • Many factors favoured its development as a language of its own.
  • It received positive reviews from music critics, with many of whom favouring its production.
  • He personally asked favours to some world leaders to support his world cup bid.
  • He also favours the colour black as a sign of his evil.
  • Of course she has had a hard life, but she doesn't do herself any favours either.
  • Lothair himself fell ill; events had turned completely in Louis favour once again.
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