favorite concubine

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  • He promoted one of his favorite concubines to royal status.
  • He called the city in honor of his favorite concubine. Cited from Modern India, by William Eleroy Curtis
  • Zhengde was noted for having a Uighur woman as one of his favorite concubines.
  • He tried to flee with his favorite concubine, but was captured by Gao.
  • He then calls for the company of his favorite concubine, Consort Yu.
  • The following work is on the death of Li Furen, one of his favorite concubines/wives.
  • During Li Siyuan's reign, she, as his favorite concubine, exerted substantial influence within his administration.
  • An then descended the tower, surrendered to Li, and further gave his favorite concubine to Li.
  • She was Emperor Daizong's favorite concubine and, while she never became empress in her lifetime, she dominated inside the palace.
  • He thus took his favorite concubine Lady Gao and his extensive book collection, got into a ship, and sailed to Later Tang.
  • She and Consort Feng Yuan became his favorite concubines, and each of them bore him a son.
  • King Agamemnon, the chief commander of the Greek forces, also had for his favorite concubine a high priest's daughter, named Chryseis. Cited from Primitive Love and Love-Stories, by Henry Theophilus Finck
  • One of these captives was Briseis, a high priest's daughter, whose husband and three brothers he had slain with his own hand, and who became his favorite concubine. Cited from Primitive Love and Love-Stories, by Henry Theophilus Finck
  • During one illness, he told two other favorite concubines, Consorts Yuan and Xue, that they should remember how much he favored them.
  • His grief was soon assuaged by the news that two of his favorite concubines had borne him sons, one of whom became long afterward the Emperor Hienfung. Cited from China, by Demetrius Charles Boulger
  • She was the favorite concubine of Chen's final emperor, Chen Shubao.
  • They are usually put up at auction; and, strange to say, the auctioneers are women of the royal harem, the favorite concubines of the First King. Cited from The English Governess At The Siamese Court
  • He makes the clowns perform a skit depicting how his mother, the favorite concubine of the former king, was forced to take poison after being betrayed by other jealous concubines.
  • The tale is that Solomon, when he washed, entrusted his signet-ring to his favorite concubine, Amina. Cited from Character Sketches of Romance, Fiction and the Drama, by E Cobham Brewer
  • One story concerned the favorite concubine of Emperor Li Yu who bound her feet into the shape of the crescent moon and performed a lotus dance on the point of her feet.
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