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  • The play was not a success, although his own role was noted favorably.
  • Inside his own party, he was looked upon favorably by both the national and local interests.
  • The mixed-race children are generally not favorably regarded by either group.
  • However, through the influence of his in-laws, he began to think favorably of this growing movement.
  • But on the other hand, he also wrote favorably about the good that the church was capable of doing.
  • Recently, this has been debated, and his early poetry has been more favorably recognized.
  • He, too, praised her work, and often mentioned her favorably in his literary reviews.
  • The black star could take on many of the virtues that white America also looked upon favorably.
  • Many contemporary film critics have written favorably about the film.
  • It also reported that the longer the charter school had been in operation, the more favorably its students compared.
  • The hand-drawn image compared favorably with the processed image when it became available.
  • The four hours of bonus content and expanded director's cut were favorably received.
  • Two days later, the JCS reported back favorably on the already-decided plan.
  • The latter, being more favorably sited on high ground, could not be put out of action.
  • Some observers looked favorably upon her legislative activities, while others said that she should be less involved in politics.
  • Generally, most subjects some time later reviewed the events more favorably than they actually did while experiencing them.
  • A win away from home is therefore seen more favorably than a win at home, because it was more challenging.
  • A good number of years ago, I reviewed an earlier edition of this work quite favorably.
  • Heretic II was favorably received at release because it took a different approach to its design.
  • He was perceived favorably by a significant number of people, particularly due to his ministry to all people without distinction.
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Synonyms of favorably

Meaning of favorably

  • adverb Showing approval
    he reviewed the play favorably