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  • Both, she claims, are characters whose fate is beyond their own control.
  • It never arrived there, and nothing is known of its fate.
  • Both may influence the course of the world, and determine its fate.
  • Her name and the fate and identity of her husband remain unknown.
  • They had another son whose name and fate are unknown.
  • She failed in this attempt and, ultimately, never learned of her son's fate.
  • There is no surviving account of the name or later fate of the son.
  • Many of them had been employed by the Americans and were left to their fate.
  • It suffered a similar fate if the father died.
  • In the ancient Greek world, this was seen as a fate worse than death.
  • The original five members are not present at this battle though their fates remain unknown.
  • But it will be in our power, he says, with what is in our power being included in fate.
  • My whole life has been decided by fate.
  • She has written many books about the fate of Indians.
  • I think something more powerful than we are decides our fates for us.
  • As they approach, they witness another ship coming the other way suffer just that fate.
  • This short publication period was a fate suffered by most island newspapers.
  • The second performance met with quite a different fate, becoming a roaring success.
  • The fate of the other place is not recorded.
  • Her final fate, according to the text, will remain unknown to the people of Middle-earth.
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