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  • In neither case does any matter, energy, or information travel faster than light.
  • See time travel and faster-than-light for more discussion of these issues.
  • In general, these communities are growing faster than those in other parts of the world.
  • Depending on the size of the project, some may felt faster than others.
  • This meant that not only were its designs faster, they cost much less as well.
  • If this number is lower, the rock is moving faster, so again low numbers mean more speed.
  • If c is greater than one, then the latter grows much faster.
  • Therefore, it has become common practice for larger cities to build roads for faster through traffic.
  • Therefore, making A twice as fast is better than making B five times faster.
  • These typically move slowly, only several meters per year, but occasionally move faster.
  • Increase in wealth is possible only if land and capital help to increase production faster than the labour force.
  • Although the British standard of living was increasing, the standard of living in other countries increased faster.
  • Swing - a turn with two hands, but moving faster and making more than one revolution.
  • After a level-up, the blocks fall slightly faster, and typically more points are given.
  • Social media has also provided a much faster way to share gossip.
  • This was ultimately a shorter and faster route than the one they followed west.
  • The results showed the same faster-than-light speed.
  • Travel was usually faster by ocean ship or river boat.
  • However, it might be possible for an object to exist which always moves faster than light.
  • As jets became larger, more powerful and faster they required more space to take off and land.
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