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  • By those most under her influence the character of her acting was described as fascinating.
  • First, it was fascinating to see so many different people work on the same problem.
  • People are very much fascinating to use them in any mode of their expression.
  • It has been fascinating to watch & learn from him all these years.
  • It was fascinating for people to watch this big object grow before their very eyes.
  • As described below, they had a fascinating birth and long and interesting service.
  • The beauty of the green hills around the town is very fascinating.
  • I want to show them that learning is really both fascinating and fun.
  • It will be fascinating to see whether it will transfer to the UK.
  • A fascinating image that makes me wonder how was this wasn't discovered any before.
  • However, their fascinating story remained relatively unknown until a series of fortunate circumstances occurred.
  • The result has been a long string of unique and fascinating groups.
  • Each village has a fascinating tale of its own to tell.
  • He himself regarded them only as experiments in a difficult but fascinating medium.
  • A history of England, written throughout in this manner, would be the most fascinating book in the language.
  • He finds her horns fascinating and gives her a hat to cover them up while in public.
  • The collaborative process of developing a game is what he has found most fascinating.
  • He also said that he wants his team to play in a manner fascinating for spectators.
  • And although the years have passed there are still many things I do not understand, but that makes life fascinating.
  • This is just one of the many fascinating rooms in the hotel, they each have their own historical stories to tell.
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Root form of fascinating is fascinate for the verb.

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Meaning of fascinating

  • verb To render motionless, as with a fixed stare or by arousing terror or awe
    The snake charmer fascinates the cobra