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  • The streets in the new development were named after the families who sold their farmland.
  • The park is under pressure from the city's growing population and need for farmland.
  • Surrounded by farmland it is still very much a country town with a strong sense of local community.
  • The farmland was later sold off, and it served then as a private residence.
  • Houses and business sprang up rapidly on what had just a few years earlier been farmland.
  • The highway runs east-west for approximately through mostly rural farmland in the central part of the state.
  • However, they have no problem with including farmland as part of their territory, leading to conflict.
  • There is some farmland, but the hills make large open fields impossible.
  • At the time the hill did not have any trees since it had been farmland for a number of years.
  • The route continues east on a two-lane road, cutting through mostly farmland.
  • Forests cover much of the area, but there is very good farmland as well.
  • The commune consists entirely of farmland except for two small areas of forest in the north.
  • The valley of the former river is considered to be some of the best northern farmland in Canada.
  • The land immediately outside of town is almost entirely farmland.
  • When this airport opened the surrounding area was largely open farmland.
  • The city also appears to have rural farmland located somewhere outside of the city.
  • The Park Service located low quality farmlands with high quality park potential.
  • In the same decade, the remaining of the original farmland was sold for future development.
  • The new forest includes secondary forest on former farmland and so-called degraded forest.
  • Before the community was constructed, most of the area was of farmland mainly growing cotton.
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Meaning of farmland

  • noun A rural area where farming is practiced