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  • A farm is an area of land used for primary production which will include buildings.
  • He lived on the farm for nearly all of his life.
  • A small community of farm and factory workers grew near the train stop.
  • For the first time protection was extended to every major farm product.
  • They were poor and an uncle had invited them to farm his land for him.
  • He still lives in the sky, only this time in a giant farm house.
  • Most of them are kept by people who work on small farms in family units.
  • Several wood farms have been found near the top of the hill.
  • While the men were out at sea, the management of the farm was under the control of the women.
  • They were followed by a few hundred Japanese farm workers in the late 19th century.
  • Even so, farms were small in size, and women did much of the field work.
  • The couple initially lived in a cabin on his father's farm.
  • Many are now being used as farm buildings, while others were abandoned and fell into ruin.
  • The surrounding county is home to a number of family-owned farms.
  • The surrounding county is home to a number of family-owned farms.
  • His father expected him to eventually take over the family farm, but he despised farm work.
  • Outside of school, he spent most of his time doing chores on the farm.
  • Here he farmed and also served as the only doctor in the area for many years.
  • There also remains many historic houses which are still lived in, some even farmed.
  • When the family grew up the man gave a well-stocked farm to each of his children. Cited from Folklore as an Historical Science, by George Laurence Gomme
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Meaning of farm

  • noun Workplace consisting of farm buildings and cultivated land as a unit
    it takes several people to work the farm
  • verb Be a farmer; work as a farmer
    My son is farming in California
  • verb Collect fees or profits