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  • Info The fantastic is a subgenre of literary works characterized by the ambiguous presentation of seemingly supernatural forces. more...
  • We all have our time in this, and mine has been fantastic.
  • They did not play many concerts despite the fact that some said their music is fantastic.
  • He shows his ability in the use of language, with word-play and fantastic and real characters.
  • He had fantastic vision on the ball, and could play with both feet.
  • He was making a fantastic amount of money while we were working our asses off.
  • Although this story seems fantastic on the surface, it very likely contains many factual elements.
  • If you want to do that too, that's fantastic.
  • The Fantastic Four has been the subject of four animated television series.
  • Common elements in her work are fantastic human/animal hybrids and German culture.
  • Usually a playmaker, he was known for his fantastic close control and passing ability.
  • This would be a fantastic next step in our journey.
  • Some of them are relatively well-founded; others are quite fantastic and incredible.
  • It was like a big stage set, a fantastic production of some incredible opera or modern play.
  • The Fantastic Four return just in time to protect the children.
  • Writers and artists over many years have created a variety of characters to challenge the Fantastic Four.
  • Crystal would later leave the city for a brief career with the Fantastic Four.
  • He was so huge, he was so fantastic, there was no way I could even think of beating him.
  • It made the most fantastic noise as it did so.
  • A great deal of attention is drawn to fantastic machines, buildings, cities, and transportation systems.
  • She was chronically ill as a child and spent much of her time reading literature of the fantastic.
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