falter from

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  • On the other hand, however, he did not falter from his own belief. Cited from The Four Feathers, by A. E. W. Mason
  • She looked away quickly, lest her voice should falter from amusement. Cited from Patty's Suitors, by Carolyn Wells
  • Shall my kiss upon your brow Falter from its high estate? Cited from Riley Songs of Home, by James Whitcomb Riley
  • Thou canst not name a terror so profound That I will look or falter from. Cited from Francesca da Rimini, by George Henry Boker
  • Paine did not falter from the first page to the last. Cited from Lectures Of Col. Ingersoll, V2,R. G. Ingersoll
  • He and Helm were regarded as doomed men, but they did not falter from their self-imposed task. Cited from Great Fortunes, and How They Were Made, by James D. McCabe, Jr.
  • With thee, the devils could not so contrive That I would blench or falter from my love! Cited from Francesca da Rimini, by George Henry Boker
  • Weariness was now a heavy burden upon him, and his spirit numb with desperate need of rest; but his pace did not flag, nor his purpose falter from its goal. Cited from The Lone Wolf, by Louis Joseph Vance
  • If Death should claim me for her own to-day, And softly I should falter from your side, Oh, tell me, loved one, would my memory stay, And would my image in your heart abide? Cited from The Complete Poems of Paul Laurence Dunbar, by Paul Laurence Dunbar
  • The twinkle in the Youngish Girl's eyes brightened perceptibly, but the firmness did not falter from her mouth. Cited from The Indiscreet Letter, by Eleanor Hallowell Abbott
  • For her sigh of emotion at the abrupt mention of parting he was thankful, but it made him keep his eyes turned from her lest a sight of any distress of hers might lead him to falter from his purpose. Cited from Ensign Knightley and Other Stories, by A. E. W. Mason
  • But, in the mean time, I hold to the Constitution of the United States, and you need never expect from me, under any circumstances, that I shall falter from it; that I shall be otherwise than frank and decisive. Cited from The Great Speeches and Orations of Daniel Webster
  • He pushed on to Providence, stifling these antic misgivings as he might, and without allowing himself time to falter from his intent, he set out to find Mrs. Vervain's house. Cited from A Foregone Conclusion, by W. D. Howells
  • I am the father of a boy -- his life is mine to make or mar-- And he no better can become than what my daily teachings are; There will be need for someone great -- I dare not falter from the line-- The man that is to serve the world may be that little boy of mine. Cited from Just Folks, by Edgar A. Guest
  • As she approached the room, the sound of several voices issued from within, and a dread of appearing before many strangers, as well as of irritating Montoni by such an intrusion, made her pause and falter from her purpose. Cited from The Mysteries of Udolpho, by Ann Radcliffe
  • And you may be sure that if the plutocracy that now owns the country ever sees fit to take on the outward signs of an aristocracy --titles, and arms, and ancestors -- it won't falter from any inherent question of its worth. Cited from Entire PG Edition of William Dean Howells
  • If me the foe to single fight demand, And so ye will, and I alone withstand The common good, come danger as it may, Not so hath victory fled this hated hand, Not yet so weak is Turnus, as to stay With such a prize unsnatched, and falter from the fray. Cited from The Aeneid of Virgil, by Virgil
  • There is a princess in the South About whose beauty rumors hum Like honey-bees about the mouth Of roses dewdrops falter from; And O her hair is like the fine Clear amber of a jostled wine In tropic revels; and her eyes Are blue as rifts of Paradise. Cited from Pipes O'Pan at Zekesbury, by James Whitcomb Riley