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  • Planning for the project has experienced several false starts over the past few years.
  • If the document was true, almost everything they had said and believed was false.
  • Second, the questions followed either a multiple-choice or true/false format.
  • Such a point is often called a false eye.
  • If (B) is neither true nor false, then it must be not true.
  • This measure was the result of false information of his escape revealed by a British newspaper.
  • If the data item contains some other value, both of the condition-names are false.
  • Technology may bring about a false sense of progress.
  • A cut should always be completed with one hand to limit possibility of a false cut.
  • Those who have been previously immunized may have a false-positive test result.
  • Mary quit her job but returned later under a false name.
  • I cannot fall into a falser world-- I have done no man wrong. Cited from Queen Mary and Harold, by Alfred Lord Tennyson
  • We also allow that this could be a false statement.
  • For that which has not efficient causes is neither true nor false.
  • From the etymological point of view, false friends can be created in several ways.
  • He was spotted several more times and given false friendly recognition twice.
  • It does not demand any showing that such a belief be correct or more likely true than false.
  • After many false starts they eventually find Hamlet, who leaves with the King.
  • On the other hand, if something is actually known, then it categorically cannot be false.
  • That is not known to be true, and is generally suspected to be false.
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Meaning of false

  • adjective Not in accordance with the fact or reality or actuality
    gave false testimony under oath, false tales of bravery