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  • They are much older than other fairies, and are thus much more powerful.
  • It fell upon the ground in front of them at the fairy's feet. Cited from A Chinese Wonder Book, by Norman Hinsdale Pitman
  • The album showed two fairies talking to each other in a green forest.
  • This goes along with the idea that fairies are neither evil nor good.
  • The winner is said to be put in his/her own fairy's book.
  • The many fairies who are in charge of this land lead him on a tour.
  • The album cover showed a couple of fairies above a city with flowers.
  • She claims that there are fairies in the world and that only she can see them.
  • She can make friends to fairies that don't lead flowers or talk to flowers.
  • She has been painting fairies for as long as she can remember.
  • The original tale may have been simply about a youth who was raised by a lake fairy.
  • The show had characters from that series play various characters from fairy tales.
  • William helps her by acting as her part in the play - a fairy.
  • Claims she has fairies not only at the bottom of her garden but also at the top.
  • It is difficult to describe fairies as they are quite different around the board.
  • When people saw the fairy they should ask for her mercy.
  • They were especially designed so that the Star Fairies could sit on them.
  • She spent most of her time alone and was said to "talk to the fairies".
  • He was eager to see if the fairy's promise had come true. Cited from The Beacon Second Reader, by James H. Fassett
  • Eventually the humans gave up and built the church where the fairies had indicated.
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Meaning of fairy

  • noun A small being, human in form, playful and having magical powers