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  • It can also be used to facilitate the design process of digital systems.
  • The fact that the mountain has only one access road facilitates security matters.
  • In order to facilitate the access of education to all, certain countries have right to education.
  • This positive association with plants may have facilitated the development of land plants.
  • Bringing this information together facilitates the better understanding of the physical world around us.
  • This can be used to facilitate the learning of a foreign language.
  • These standards were established in order to facilitate commerce and record human activity.
  • There are various banks facilitating people of the town as well as other from near by areas.
  • He played a significant role in providing employment and facilitating development of the city.
  • He wanted to use the edition to facilitate the development of a British school of history painting.
  • This points to the major role trade credit insurance plays in facilitating international trade.
  • Many larger schools have independent websites set up for the purpose of facilitating such trade.
  • Group members may exchange information about food sources between one another, facilitating the process of resource location.
  • At the same time, they facilitated the escape of even more slaves.
  • A number of activities for international students facilitates their integration and help students to find new friends.
  • Since then site-specific development has become increasingly common in facilitating different debate styles.
  • This may be facilitated by one or more of several changes.
  • They hoped that this would facilitate a move to Israel, where they could start a family.
  • Our chief role is in the area of facilitating knowledge exchange and network building activities internationally.
  • Library classification systems are one of the two tools used to facilitate subject access.
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Meaning of facilitate

  • verb Make easier
    you could facilitate the process by sharing your knowledge
  • verb Increase the likelihood of (a response)
    The stimulus facilitates a delayed impulse