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  • The slightly raised ground floor has an entrance in the south-east facade.
  • The church has two facades, with the main one on the north side.
  • The main block is a one-story structure with a five-bay facade.
  • Similar windows are on the other facades, including those of another addition on the west.
  • Its facade is very different from what it was in German times.
  • The facade of the church was only completed in the early 20th century.
  • The three-bay facade faces south and the front entrance is located on the left bay.
  • In northern France, a rose window is usually the central feature of the facade.
  • It has a five-bay facade, three of which project, providing the entrance.
  • Houses now had the appearance of being more solid, with more than just one or two facades.
  • The facade has disappeared, but the back wall and side walls still exist.
  • The house is now divided into three independent parts, but they retain their original facades.
  • The huge clock tower is the main difference between the north and south facades.
  • The street starts with old one-floor houses, then with higher facades.
  • It had a facade of four stones, two on either side of the eastern end.
  • The front facade of the building has an old, highly decorated clock above its door.
  • The church's bell tower is located to the left of the facade.
  • Currently only the main facade stands; has been restored and incorporated into the new city hall.
  • Older walls can also be found higher up in large parts of the northern row's facade walls.
  • His first wife agreed to keep up the facade of a marriage so as not to leave her daughter without a father.
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Meaning of facade

  • noun The face or front of a building
  • noun A showy misrepresentation intended to conceal something unpleasant