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  • This was possible due to the original method used to fabricate the structure.
  • Some are true, some contain elements of truth and others are somewhat more fabricated.
  • Two additional core memory units were later fabricated, increasing the total memory size available.
  • Some of the district names added in fact were fabricated and never existed.
  • However the process of fabricating the steel was several years in the making.
  • He supported himself while in school by fabricating and selling small wood objects of his own design.
  • He claims evidence was then fabricated against him by the police.
  • The charges were later dropped, after the girl admitted she fabricated some of the story.
  • I knew the US government had 'fabricated' evidence to go to war several times before.
  • It would have to be fabricated in space and not used to approach the sun.
  • He has further stated that the whole event was fabricated.
  • His lawyer subsequently made a public statement that the case was entirely fabricated.
  • When they have no titles they fabricate them; and few persons dispute their claims. Cited from The Gaming Table, by Andrew Steinmetz Volume #2
  • Any other attempt to re-fabricate such a design would be a derivative work.
  • So got to fabricate houses and put 'em all out of a job. Cited from Class of '29, by Orrie Lashin and Milo Hastings
  • It can be used to fabricate both small and large objects.
  • Enough wood was used in construction to fabricate three or four average-sized homes.
  • Just as she was about to consider fabricating her report, a small fox passes her by.
  • The Mission had to fabricate all of its construction materials as well.
  • He designs, forms and fabricates each of his works by hand.
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  • verb Make up something artificial or untrue