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  • I exult in you, and will do so, let them say what they may against you. Cited from Mr. Scarborough's Family, by Anthony Trollope
  • For him still another new world had opened, and his spirit exulted. Cited from English Literature For Boys and Girls,
  • She has never exulted a moment in her power over me. Cited from A Face Illumined, by E. P. Roe
  • Here shall be one, though your heart shall exult in its possession. Cited from 54-40 or Fight, by Emerson Hough
  • He exulted in the sense of power such an occasion gave him. Cited from Where the Sun Swings North, by Barrett Willoughby
  • I will here give you one instance which he told me, as it were exulting over it. Cited from Spirit of St. Francis de Sales, Jean Pierre Camus
  • He exulted in his victory, but he felt as if he had committed murder. Cited from The Philistines, by Arlo Bates
  • I was certain he would exult over it, and he did. Cited from She and I, Volume 1, by John Conroy Hutcheson
  • He opened his eyes in the deep, clear water and exulted. Cited from O. Henry Memorial Award Prize Stories of 1921, by Various
  • I exulted in a new sense of knowledge, a new pride of reason. Cited from Can Such Things Be?, Ambrose Bierce
  • He exulted to note that capture was becoming merely a question of minutes! Cited from The Sins of Severac Bablon, by Sax Rohmer
  • His voice exulted; his blood would be running now with the gold fever. Cited from The Everlasting Whisper, by Jackson Gregory
  • "I don't doubt you and your wife have exulted enough over it." Cited from Elster's Folly, by Mrs. Henry Wood
  • "And it will be the most original thing that ever was!" she exulted. Cited from The Story of a Play, by W. D. Howells
  • And how I need to exult in watching him deal with matter! Cited from Stories of Mystery, by Various
  • Well might the Americans exult, for the successful resistance was against ten times their own number. Cited from Sustained honor, by John R. Musick
  • She had a possible chance of winning, and her heart exulted. Cited from The Luckiest Girl in the School, by Angela Brazil
  • And I can no longer exult and know myself the dark, central sun of the universe. Cited from Fantasia of the Unconscious, by D. H. Lawrence
  • "Didn't we tell you he was here?" exulted the two boys who had followed her. Cited from Tabitha's Vacation, by Ruth Alberta Brown
  • I lay back in the corner, and took in a long, deep, exulting breath. Cited from A Rogue by Compulsion, by Victor Bridges
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Meaning of exult

  • verb Feel extreme happiness or elation