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  • Finally, there is the extreme close up shot which has one body part usually.
  • For the first few years he and his family lived in extreme poverty.
  • It runs from the extreme south-west of the lake, and heads west-south-west.
  • There is one facility for extreme sports and some facilities for youth sports.
  • The method has been seen to help people with many conditions especially extreme anxiety.
  • In the most extreme cases, patients may be able to produce only a single word.
  • Extreme pain may also be felt at or around the site.
  • Within the contemporary music scene itself, there are also works which are generally regarded as extreme.
  • The technique is commonly used in death metal and other extreme forms of music.
  • We must be off the extreme north-east coast of Scotland. Cited from Scarhaven Keep, by J. S. Fletcher
  • Horror films in particular can draw fans who seek the most extreme films.
  • Knight was well known for the extreme preparation he put into each game and practice.
  • A case of persons of two different thoughts and two extremes coming together.
  • Our division was then on the extreme right wing, and then we were transferred to the left wing. Cited from "Co. Aytch", by Sam R. Watkins
  • These plains are found only in the extreme north of the state.
  • The feeling was so close to extreme danger, and the fear was so intense.
  • Except in an extreme close-up view, it would be all but invisible.
  • The new bus terminal is located in the extreme south-west of the city.
  • Its range encompasses the whole of the west coast and the extreme north-east.
  • The arrests followed a long-running intelligence-led operation against extreme right-wing activity.
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Meaning of extreme

  • noun The furthest or highest degree of something
    he carried it to extremes