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  • Extradites out-of-state prisoners back to Utah.
  • She attempts to distract the agent and later in the episode extradites Rufus so he can escape custody and assist Bobby in retrieving his soul.
  • In Canada v. Schmidt (1987), the case was cited to state that Canada should trust the nations it extradites people to carry out trials.
  • For example, section 11 guarantees the presumption of innocence, but in practice Canada already extradites persons to countries that do not presume innocence.
  • Israel extradites Eli Backer back to the USA and New York where he is charged with Saul Caplan's murder.
  • The government usually "extradites" these "unsightly characters" in planeloads back to Mindanao around the month of December, just in time to beautify Manila or other big cities for the holidays -- only to find them back again a few months later.
  • His rural idyll is shattered when CIA agent Rex Matheson (Mekhi Phifer) extradites Jack and Gwen to America -- believing them to be connected to a phenomenon where humans can no longer die -- whilst forcing Rhys to stay in Wales.
Root form of extradites is extradite for the verb.

Meaning of extradites

  • verb Hand over to the authorities of another country
    They extradited the fugitive to his native country so he could be tried there