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  • However, they were not extradited to France to stand trial there.
  • He fled to Spain after the war, which refused to extradite him to stand trial in France.
  • He was still worried that he could be extradited to the United States.
  • Attempts to extradite him failed, and Taylor remained in Indiana until he died.
  • He was advised that he was at risk of being extradited to France.
  • He was extradited back to Mexico two days later aboard a military airplane.
  • Eventually, however, he was captured and extradited to the United States.
  • He was later extradited to Italy to face the murder charges.
  • Four more gang members were captured in Canada and were extradited to the United States.
  • Mann lost his last appeal against the decision to extradite him.
  • I'm pretty nigh certain you'll extradite that weapon in the morning. Cited from The Prospector, by Ralph Connor
  • Before he was elected to the Duma, the British government tried to extradite him without success.
  • It was the first time that a person had been extradited from one country to another for human rights crimes committed in a third.
  • After an initial request that he not be sent back to the United States, he later agreed to be extradited.
  • During the year there were no reports that the government extradited any persons wanted for trafficking crimes in other countries.
  • She was arrested and extradited back the the United States and placed in federal custody.
  • He was charged with murder and was extradited to Melbourne, where he was tried for murder.
  • Four other JRA members arrested at the same time were extradited to Japan.
  • He is later cleared of the murder charges and finally extradited to the United States.
  • She has not been transferred to the Court and the Ivorian government has yet to extradite her.
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Meaning of extradite

  • verb Hand over to the authorities of another country
    They extradited the fugitive to his native country so he could be tried there