extradite them

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  • He volunteered to take the prisoners across German lines, and extradite them to the hands of the allied forces.
  • However, a Canadian court ruled that because they were soldiers under military orders, officially neutral Canada could not extradite them.
  • The court ultimately decided that the soldiers were under military orders and that the officially neutral Canada could not extradite them to America.
  • Some of them are wanted by Russia but the UK government refuses to extradite them on grounds of concern for human rights.
  • In exchange, police provided protection and tips regarding impending federal raids and helped keep criminals free by refusing to extradite them elsewhere.
  • The two powers agreed on the right of each of their military forces to cross the border in pursuit of Polish revolutionaries and to extradite them to Russian military courts.
  • After the investigation was complete, Burns and Rafay claimed their confessions were fabricated, but plans were nevertheless made to extradite them.
  • After they had been found it was necessary to indict and then to extradite them in order to secure their presence within the jurisdiction, and when all this had been accomplished it proved practically valueless. Cited from Courts and Criminals, by Arthur Train
  • The U.S. is currently seeking to extradite them for running a sophisticated operation that used Alureon to infect millions of computers worldwide.
  • The murderers were caught in Mexico, but Mexican officials refused to extradite them to the United States for the prosecution of the murders.
  • Upon the indictment of the two Libyan suspects in November 1991, the Libyan government was called upon to extradite them for trial in either the United Kingdom or the United States.
  • When the king gave audience to the emissary of the Quraysh, he said that the Muslims in Axum were not refugees from persecution but were fugitives from justice and law, and requested him to extradite them to Mecca.