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  • This would be of interest for extractants which would be solid at design conditions when pure.
  • Extractants can be toxic to cells, they can accumulate to wrong places like cells, loss of them phase separation may be bad etc.
  • Membranes did not only separate extractants and the primary solution but also were selective for amino acids.
  • This is due to the sensitivity of bioproducts such as proteins towards organic extractants.
  • It is also soluble in 95 per cent alcohol and either of these extractants may be used to obtain the vitamine. Cited from The Vitamine Manual, by Walter H. Eddy
  • Compared to phosphate extractants, amines are more selective for uranium, extract the uranium faster, and are easily stripped with a wider variety of reagents.
  • The most frequently used extractants for this purpose are dibutyl glycol, methyl isobutyl ketone, tributyl phosphate, dichlorodiethyl ether (chlorex).
  • Of great importance is the extraction of HAuCl 4 from hydrochloric medium by oxygen-containing extractants, such as alcohols, ketones, ethers and esters.
  • Using quaternary ammonium salts as extractants, yttrium prefers to remain in the aqueous phase: when the counter-ion is nitrate, the light lanthanides are removed, but when the counter-ion is thiocyanate, the heavy lanthanides are removed.