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  • How could an American see so much game and not wish to exterminate it entirely as he does at home? Cited from Winter Sunshine, by John Burroughs
  • There was not a moment to lose, for one well-directed shot might exterminate half of us. Cited from Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, No. 339, January 1844, Vol. 55
  • The wealth will perhaps be increased, if meanwhile the people are not exterminated. Cited from Letters from Egypt, by Lucie Duff Gordon
  • One of your number shall die daily until I have exterminated you root and branch. Cited from Harkaway and His Son's Escape, Bracebridge Hemyng
  • Two other high chiefs of the island were exterminated by the same people. Cited from Northern California, Oregon, and the Sandwich Islands, Charles Nordhoff
  • All the creatures in the world would have been exterminated, if there were no action. Cited from The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa, Volume 1
  • Of course you could exterminate the family which would be still worse punishment.
  • Naturally it was not the case that all the bad men were thus exterminated. Cited from The Passing of the Frontier, Emerson Hough
  • At all events they would be exterminated with no effort of men lacking authority to act. Cited from The White Morning, by Gertrude Atherton
  • The only wonder is that they have not been exterminated long ago. Cited from Essays in Natural History and Agriculture, by Thomas Garnett
  • They were, however, exterminated, not a man making his way through to tell the tale. Cited from Our Sailors, by W.H.G. Kingston
  • It had been said that by continuing the war they would be exterminating the nation. Cited from Three Years' War, by Christiaan Rudolf de Wet
  • But though they tried hard, they did not succeed in exterminating him. Cited from Twenty Years Of Balkan Tangle, by Mary Edith Durham
  • Time, after time this happened, until at last it seemed as if the tribes would be exterminated. Cited from The Euahlayi Tribe, Langloh Parker
  • Those who have not accepted these terms have been exterminated. Cited from Evolution Of The Japanese, Social And Psychic, by Sidney L. Gulick
  • Vendettas usually ended when one family was exterminated or when the defeated family left the town.
  • He does so, but that only makes the invaders more determined than ever to exterminate them.
  • Do the well-fed people of America wish to have this beautiful animal entirely exterminated? Cited from Our Vanishing Wild Life, by William T. Hornaday
  • Their inhabitants were not to be exterminated unless they came out against Israel in battle. Cited from Anti-Slavery Examiner, Part 1 of 4, by American Anti-Slavery Society
  • Why have not the more highly developed forms every where supplanted and exterminated the lower? Cited from Origin of Species, 6th Ed., by Charles Darwin
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Meaning of exterminate

  • verb Kill en masse; kill on a large scale; kill many
    Hitler wanted to exterminate the Jews, Gypsies, Communists, and homosexuals of Europe