exterminate us

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  • He amongst them that will, in that case, survive, will exterminate us. Cited from The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa, Volume 2
  • These mortals are getting ahead of us that far, and they'll be doing something next that will exterminate us entirely. Cited from Fairies and Folk of Ireland, by William Henry Frost
  • The old effort to subdue or exterminate us having failed, the new effort to conciliate us began. Cited from Principles of Freedom, by Terence J. MacSwiney
  • I have heard from the Spaniards' own lips, that they would like to root us out, exterminate us. Cited from Burgomaster's Wife, by Georg Ebers, v4
  • "Was it an enemy of yours or some one who wanted to exterminate us because we are foreigners?" Cited from The Motor Maids in Fair Japan, by Katherine Stokes
  • The last words we distinguished as they increased their distance, were a threat to exterminate us during the night, if we dared to remain in their country. Cited from Ismailia, by Samuel W. Baker
  • "Napoleon cannot conquer us, he would have to exterminate us all." Cited from Napoleon in Russia, by Achilles Rose
  • Which is why the American Legion wants to exterminate us. Cited from Class of '29, by Orrie Lashin and Milo Hastings
  • It was said, too, that the king had given command of the royal army to his brother, the Duke of Anjou, with orders to exterminate us, root and branch. Cited from For The Admiral, by W.J. Marx
  • It is true, affecting great wisdom, thou art for making speeches but will not Vibhatsu, that slayer of foes, exterminate us all! Cited from The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa, Volume 2
  • "These London Sunday baits may be a plot of the English Government to exterminate us; I have read that none but English people can survive a Sunday in London." Cited from A Chair on The Boulevard, by Leonard Merrick
  • To settle with Russia as speedily as possible, then break through the determination of the Entente to exterminate us, and then to make peace -- even at a loss -- that is my plan and the hope for which I live. Cited from In the World War, by Count Ottokar Czernin
  • Let them all rage and attempt their utmost, and deliberate and resolve how they may suppress and exterminate us, that their will and counsel may prevail: over and against this one or two Christians with this petition alone shall be our wall against which they shall run and dash themselves to pieces. Cited from Martin Luther's Large Catechism, Bente & Dau, Trns