exterminate Jews

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  • He even went as far as to say that "the German government would exterminate Jews if they had the opportunity".
  • It has been argued that, for Jews during the Holocaust, given the intent of the Nazi regime to exterminate Jews, survival itself constituted an act considered a form of resistance.
  • In essence, the prosecutors took the line that Streicher's role in inciting Germans to exterminate Jews, made him an accessory to murder, and thus as culpable as those who actually carried out the killing.
  • The RSHA was further tasked to create and manage the Einsatzgruppen sent into Poland (and later Russia) to round up and exterminate Jews, Communists, and other "undesirables".
  • To maintain the supposed purity and strength of the Aryan Race, the Nazis sought to exterminate Jews, Romani, and the physically and mentally handicapped.
  • To maintain the "purity and strength" of the Aryan race, the Nazis eventually sought to exterminate Jews, Romani, and the physically and mentally disabled.
  • David S. Wyman (born 1929, Weymouth, Massachusetts) is the author of several books on the responses of the United States to Nazi Germany's persecution of and programs to exterminate Jews.
  • According to Barnes, those behind the "smotherout" about Nazi Germany believed that "it was far worse to exterminate Jews, even at the ratio of two Gentiles to one Jew, than to liquidate Gentiles".
  • As they talk, Becker relentlessly dogs Lutze with the reality of his grossly inhumane treatment of the inmates, while Lutze stubbornly and unemotionally insists that he was only carrying out his orders and had no idea that the Third Reich planned to exterminate Jews.
  • For Titus Oates and Lord George Gordon with their Popish plots, for Hitlers who call on them to exterminate Jews, for Mussolinis who rally them to nationalist dreams of glory and empire in which all foreigners are enemies to be subjugated.
  • The Nazis deported the Pomeranian Jews to a reservation near Lublin and mass-murdered Jews, Poles and Kashubians in Pomerania, planning to eventually exterminate Jews and Poles and Germanise the Kashubians.