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  • The three-story, building will feature modern architecture and an all-glass exterior.
  • In fact, we wanted the only opening on the exterior world to be this picture.
  • Keeping true to its original form, the building's exterior is true to its original look.
  • Many of the buildings' exteriors have not been changed from their original appearance.
  • The studio's buildings were also used as the Air Force base exterior.
  • The exterior has become a popular location for film and television productions.
  • The exterior appearance has changed very little since then.
  • The interior and exterior are always open while the boundary is always closed.
  • The crew were in Paris for only two days, and used only exteriors.
  • The purpose of such a community is to protect its residents from exterior violence.
  • On the exterior circle the name of the club and the date of its foundation were written.
  • Visitors are able to walk around her exterior, but her interior is closed to the public.
  • Strange how easily even the greatest men were moved by exteriors. Cited from The Enchanted April, by Elizabeth von Arnim
  • The exterior plaster was removed to make the building look more castle-like.
  • The black exterior color returned after a six-year absence.
  • It is mostly used on the exterior of homes and commercial buildings.
  • Work on the exterior continued after the opening of the Library.
  • The exterior style could be expressed in either wood, brick or stone.
  • It gave the actual sight we still may have onto the exteriors.
  • The book contains pictures of the interior and exterior views of contemporary artists.
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Meaning of exterior

  • adjective Situated in or suitable for the outdoors or outside of a building
    an exterior scene, exterior grade plywood, exterior paints