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  • He did not travel extensively, and spent his entire life in southern England.
  • He spent two years doing so and during that time, he read extensively about western philosophy.
  • He is best known for his piano music, but he wrote extensively for many media.
  • Operational research is also used extensively in government where evidence-based policy is used.
  • Harris wrote extensively on how science can influence how we view moral truth.
  • Some critics have focused extensively on the place of women within the novel.
  • The cause was covered extensively in the local and international press.
  • However, these are new products and have not been extensively used in earth shelter construction yet.
  • His style was based extensively on his use of very independent finger technique.
  • The split screen has also been used extensively in television programs.
  • She is singular in having published extensively in natural philosophy and early modern science.
  • After the war it was extensively developed around the UK and later used in many areas around the world.
  • Extensively covered by the national media, his cremation took place five days later.
  • He maintained that position later in his political career, writing extensively about abortion.
  • He read his poetry and talked extensively with the active and injured troops.
  • She also worked extensively in live musical theatre as a band member and accompanist.
  • The data network is used extensively throughout the world to connect individuals and organizations.
  • Fifteen hundred of each of the three models were built and extensively field-tested.
  • He also started to more extensively record his own compositions for Columbia Records.
  • He continued to tour extensively throughout the year.
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Meaning of extensively

  • adverb In a widespread way
    oxidation ponds are extensively used for sewage treatment in the Midwest