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  • He claimed to have written some six hundred plays, but only thirty-four are extant.
  • All other native fish are no longer extant in the lake.
  • No one extant in the town at this time even knows anyone who ever met him.
  • Place name study would at least suggest that but there are no extant written sources.
  • There is no extant contemporary source that explains how or why he died.
  • Next to humans, no other extant animal appears to do more to shape its landscape.
  • Not one gas van was extant at the end of the war.
  • In them he refers to himself, but none of these are extant.
  • Her style and her skill remains a mystery as none of her work is extant.
  • These churches, although not housed in the original buildings, are still extant today.
  • Several more paleosubspecies of extant species also been described; see species accounts for these.
  • There are a number of extant historical buildings dating from the mid-19th century.
  • His works yet extant show this, as he is celebrated among many for the writings which he has left.
  • Few details survive of his personal life - mainly in his extant poems.
  • Every extant early list of NT books includes it among his letters.
  • The fossil record includes a large number of other classes which do not appear to fall into any extant crown group.
  • Since the rate of extinction has increased, many extant species may become extinct before they are described.
  • He mentions nine other works of his, none of which are extant.
  • As a result, extant versions of the same text often differ from one another.
  • There are also a large number of extant anonymous songs from the period.
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Meaning of extant

  • adjective Still in existence; not extinct or destroyed or lost
    extant manuscripts, specimens of graphic art found among extant barbaric folk"- Edward Clodd