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  • In cases of expulsion the member is also removed from the church property.
  • While he agreed, the order was not published until the expulsions were over.
  • Most people at the time understood this as a call for forced expulsion.
  • This expulsion was the first and only suffered throughout his career.
  • The reported are announced at the end of each show, while the expulsions are held the following week.
  • After his expulsion, he gave himself over entirely to literature.
  • In the end, he managed only to get the date for the expulsion to be extended by two days.
  • His expulsion was immediate; he was given three hours to pack up and move out.
  • He felt the initial expulsion very deeply and refused to take up the final offer of membership.
  • The expulsion resolution fell one vote short of the required two-thirds majority.
  • Three recent expulsions can be attributed to these girls, and the boys feel they need to be stopped.
  • She declared expulsions would continue after the debate, before cabinet could issue an official statement the next day.
  • The expulsions had been agreed upon before the end of the war by the Allies.
  • It also ordered the expulsion of the Jews from all the French islands.
  • He studied art history for two months, but was then arrested for violating the expulsion order.
  • If a member advocates views different to what appears in print, they face expulsion.
  • The ritual may have been a new year festival representing the expulsion of the old year.
  • They supported the final expulsion from Canada of the American forces during the invasion of Canada.
  • They also consented to the expulsion of the entire native German population east of these two rivers.
  • He naturally felt and spoke strongly on the subject of the expulsions. Cited from The Story of the Upper Canada Rebellion, Vol. 1, by John Charles Dent
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Meaning of expulsion

  • noun The act of expelling or projecting or ejecting