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  • The state constitution is one of the few that do not expressly require public schools.
  • The traditional method was designed expressly to produce four numbers without using zero.
  • Clinton expressly stated that she had no desire to hold further political office.
  • Some companies and organizations expressly commission video games to promote a product or service.
  • This was the first time the paper had a building constructed expressly for it.
  • They were expressly limited from taking tolls for a longer period than six years.
  • He has come to Morocco expressly to make her fall back in love with him.
  • With its decision in this case, the Court expressly so held.
  • The idea of a programming language expressly designed for children arose directly from this project.
  • These laws often expressly require the use of edge protection or harness systems.
  • I own this picture and expressly release it to the public domain.
  • The third main contemporary use of the trust has been in the family home, though not as an expressly declared trust.
  • Express actual authority means an agent has been expressly told he or she may act on behalf of a principal.
  • However, while their work was not expressly religious it was informed significantly by it.
  • Devices can also be expressly added to the system, as well as a combination of the two.
  • This is the first full length novel written expressly for audio.
  • Did you ever hear anyone in a position of rank indicate expressly that was one of the purposes?
  • Reverse engineering of existing systems is expressly permitted under the Act under specific conditions.
  • The Constitution does not expressly grant the President additional powers in times of national emergency.
  • The newspapers expressly used the term blue sky to describe the laws.
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Meaning of expressly

  • adverb With specific intentions; for the express purpose
    she needs the money expressly for her patients