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  • Soon a number of other young people became interested in this form of expressive movement.
  • The term expressive power may be used with a range of meaning.
  • He found his most expressive medium when he discovered the computer.
  • Production systems may vary on the expressive power of conditions in production rules.
  • His characters spoke in a way that was more natural to them and more expressive of their individual character feelings.
  • An active movement tries to change society; an expressive one tries to change its own members.
  • However, he very soon found his own expressive style.
  • The director loved his huge, expressive eyes, so he appears in several close-up shots.
  • We can see the meaning of another's behavior through their actions and expressive movements.
  • In her hands it is always an expressive personal means.
  • It was now possible to have music that was more expressive.
  • I try to be expressive and therefore I need certain images.
  • But the song-writing was more expressive than ever.
  • She became famous for her beauty (especially her large and expressive eyes) and her strong theatrical presence.
  • He is noted for being physically expressive as he plays his guitar.
  • Some examples of his later works are striking in the fine and expressive quality of the drawing.
  • An expressive mob is any other large group of people gathering for an active purpose.
  • The Brazilian army became a new and expressive force in national life.
  • He was known for his extremely expressive playing and tone.
  • The city is not used to have an expressive index of growing population since it was founded.
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