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  • With some looking, it's easy to see that she is something of an expressionist herself.
  • They came out of the expressionist tradition but made space effectively for other artists to be seen.
  • It took an expressionist look at the gulf between the rich and poor in society.
  • He trained with the company for two years, dancing in many expressionist and modern dance works.
  • His art entered an expressionist period, from which he would later dissociate himself.
  • Expressionist artists sought to express meaning or emotional experience rather than physical reality.
  • He was also extremely critical regarding the stage efforts of expressionist writers.
  • His early works were written in a traditional academic manner until he adopted an atonal post-expressionist style.
  • Early on, he painted in the generally abstract expressionist style common among his teachers.
  • He was an Expressionist, often with a religious theme to his work.
  • The Expressionists, no matter by what name they call themselves, have one criterion. Cited from Ancient Art and Ritual, by Jane Ellen Harrison
  • In some of his paintings of his last phase he changed his expressionist style to move into abstraction.
  • Her early works are expressionist, while her later work may be closer to magic realism.
  • Schmidt succeeded in building up a world-class collection of German Expressionist art.
  • Many of the founders and significant players in expressionist architecture were also important in modern architecture.
  • The content of their art was expressionist, clear and direct.
  • More recently, women have played a leading role in developing various forms of modern dance including flamenco and expressionist dance.
  • He is most known for his abstract expressionist work from the 1960s.
  • He played with shadow and light in much the same way as directors of German expressionist films of the time.
  • He left his studies and became an expressionist writer, his first works appearing in 1913.
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Meaning of expressionist

  • noun An artist who is an adherent of expressionism
  • adjective Of or relating to expressionism
    expressionist art