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  • Movement in any other direction can be expressed in terms of just these three.
  • While this opinion has remained popular, other views have been expressed as well.
  • Any complex number, say, can be expressed using a pair of real numbers.
  • Some long distance express services also call at the station.
  • The production process might also have influenced the views expressed in the plays.
  • It is also employed to express opinion about possible future events.
  • If n is large we can use any of the above for expressing it.
  • Note that this definition cannot be expressed in the language of set theory itself.
  • The following long-distance express bus services operate from the south side of the station.
  • Though he expressed the wish to become an official, he never took the civil service examination.
  • Many important properties in model theory can be expressed with types.
  • The express area is located near the short stay car park while a free service is within the mid stay.
  • If too many of them are expressed, that particular chip will not work.
  • All passenger trains and a few long-distance express trains stop here.
  • Other people involved with the film expressed similar disappointment with the project.
  • There will be just time to catch the six o'clock express. Cited from The Story of Bawn, by Katharine Tynan
  • After this time, private express companies still managed to carry some of the mail across enemy lines.
  • Nevertheless, the party uses its opposition seats in parliament to express its principles.
  • Most languages of the world have formal means to express differences of number.
  • After expressing an early interest in music, she studied piano for six years.
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Meaning of express

  • noun Mail that is distributed by a rapid and efficient system
  • noun Public transport consisting of a fast train or bus that makes only a few scheduled stops
    he caught the express to New York
  • noun Rapid transport of goods
  • verb Give expression to
    She showed her disappointment
  • verb Articulate; either verbally or with a cry, shout, or noise
    She expressed her anger, He uttered a curse
  • verb Indicate through a symbol, formula, etc.
    Can you express this distance in kilometers?
  • verb Manifest the effects of (a gene or genetic trait)
    Many of the laboratory animals express the trait
  • verb Send by rapid transport or special messenger service
    She expressed the letter to Florida
  • adverb By express
    please send the letter express