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  • And it came to pass that after they were written he expounded them. Cited from The Book of Mormon
  • He never could hear it, because he could never be allowed to expound the case to her. Cited from One of Our Conquerors by G. Meredith, v4
  • I might have been one of a class of school-boys to whom she was expounding a problem. Cited from Captain Macklin,by Richard Harding Davis
  • Then after seven or eight minutes, she turned her white eyes on the cards and expounded them. Cited from Poor Relations, by Honore de Balzac
  • Without being able to think it out in scientific terms he was able to expound the why of like. Cited from The Boss of the Lazy Y, by Charles Alden Seltzer
  • To expound a text and to act upon it were two separate things. Cited from The First Soprano, by Mary Hitchcock
  • That's the way they always goes on expounding things to you. Cited from The Drone, by Rutherford Mayne
  • Either chamber might expound a theory, but nothing save an army could establish it. Cited from The Theory of Social Revolutions, by Brooks Adams
  • The writer was not expounding a religious system which has no relation to his own life. Cited from Judaism, by Israel Abrahams
  • Full twenty years right and wrong to expound will be thy fate! Cited from Hung Lou Meng, Book I, by Cao Xueqin
  • This has been explained by some as meaning simply that they expounded to them the sense. Cited from Companion to the Bible, by E. P. Barrows
  • They have always tried to come together and hear it expounded. Cited from Study of the King James Bible, Cleland Boyd McAfee
  • In time these became largely schools for expounding the philosophy of the founder. Cited from The History Of Education, By Ellwood P. Cubberley
  • I will expound this matter to you some time until you fall asleep, but not to-day. Cited from The Fat of the Land, by John Williams Streeter
  • And she expounded her philosophy about the rich, and the danger they are in. Cited from The Complete Writings of Charles Dudley Warner V4
  • This is exactly the character of those ideas which we have just expounded. Cited from The Harvard Classics Volume 38, by Various
  • Every man, or set of men, had his or their own peculiar theory to expound. Cited from The Siege of Kimberley, by T. Phelan
  • They are given a power to expound scripture beyond anything that has gone before.
  • One of the highest officers of the government expounded this doctrine to me long afterwards. Cited from American Eloquence, Volume IV (of 4), by Various
  • The design of a play is not so much to expound characters as to contrast them. Cited from The Theory of the Theatre, by Clayton Hamilton
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