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  • He drew in his breath, held it for a minute, and let it go again explosively. Cited from Mrs. Red Pepper, by Grace S. Richmond
  • King had heard well enough, but that "What!" broke from him explosively. Cited from The Everlasting Whisper, by Jackson Gregory
  • Car traffic increased explosively in the post-war years, leading to severe capacity problems on the ferry services.
  • What it would fear is a hard-shell resistance to change which brings it about explosively. Cited from A Preface to Politics, by Walter Lippmann
  • In fact, the word left him so explosively that several of the fellows caught themselves laughing. Cited from The High School Pitcher, by H. Irving Hancock
  • It was indeed quite half an hour before she remarked explosively. Cited from The Window-Gazer, Isabel Ecclestone Mackay
  • The two men laughed so explosively that my horse lifted his head austerely. Cited from The Cavalier, by George Washington Cable
  • He has been employed there for 10 years, during which the company has been explosively growing.
  • See also explosively formed projectiles for a variety of military applications of the same kind of technology.
  • Artillery could now shoot farther and more explosively than ever before.
  • "What do yon mean by running me down that way?" he demanded explosively. Cited from Tom of the Raiders, by Austin Bishop
  • This is true for almost all the movements in the art, though the majority of them can and are also trained explosively.
  • He stopped and looked me over and laughed explosively. Cited from Tramping on Life, by Harry Kemp
  • "Well, what do you think?" she cried out explosively. Cited from The Wit and Humor of America, Volume VI (of X), by Various
  • To achieve these extreme conditions, the initially cold fuel must be explosively compressed.
  • Kirkwood declared so explosively that she caught her breath with the surprise of it. Cited from The Black Bag, by Louis Joseph Vance
  • "Well, what do you think?" she cried out, explosively. Cited from The Motormaniacs, by Lloyd Osbourne
  • The low moved under this powerful jet stream where it explosively deepened before reaching Western Europe.
  • Malvern grew almost explosively in its first two years.
  • I remembered that he had always meant well, anyhow, and that he was explosively generous. Cited from The Man in Lower Ten, by Mary Roberts Rinehart
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Meaning of explosively

  • adverb Suddenly and rapidly
    the population in Central America is growing explosively
  • adverb In an explosive manner
    the political situation in Kashmir and Jammu is explosively unstable