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  • So he decided that it was time for him to explore the wide world.
  • Having explored its main features, we would set off down one of the side streets.
  • The film explored the relationship between a young man and an older woman.
  • Being fairly new, modern control theory has many areas yet to be explored.
  • He spent more than three hours exploring the ocean floor before returning to the surface.
  • In other games, the character explores different areas within the game world.
  • The critical under-explored question is less about history as content and more about history as process.
  • They remained great friends but wanted to explore different things, having done about as much as they could together.
  • During his recovery, he explored other areas of the music industry, including production.
  • Afterwards, the film explores what each character is doing after the competition.
  • This concept has also been explored outside of the film and novel forms of entertainment.
  • Working together they explored the contemporary art scene, and began developing their ideas on art.
  • He had numerous children by them, although he spent most of his time exploring and on the move.
  • However their orders were not to explore there, as winter was at hand.
  • In recent times, people of the Western world have explored the area as well.
  • Being with a woman is like exploring your own body, but through someone else.
  • Now the player is ready to explore the universe at their own risk.
  • This family remained but a short time, for they had left before the return of the exploring party.
  • Several films have been made exploring the circumstances of her loss.
  • Legal arguments were also frequently used to explore multiple sides of various social issues.
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Meaning of explore

  • verb Travel to or penetrate into
    explore unknown territory in biology
  • verb Examine minutely
  • verb Examine (organs) for diagnostic purposes