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  • Info Defines to take advantage of something (a person, situation, etc.), especially unethically or unjustifly for one's own end.
  • Either through being workers without work, or through being exploited where they were working.
  • She has said that during this period, she felt exploited by the industry.
  • Exploiting security issues is often hard because various factors can influence this process.
  • The same level of influence can be exploited by a middle manager towards the lower staff.
  • Many of these forest areas have been over exploited with significant loss of both plant and animal life.
  • This valley was also exploited for its forest wealth during the British period.
  • These rules can be exploited, but exist because they are generally successful.
  • In some early cases the locations provided easy access to exploit marine resources.
  • This group includes the most common schemes used to exploit memory management problems.
  • Other machine features became available and could also be exploited.
  • The valley formed by the river was also exploited for its rich timber trees.
  • Each game has potential for exploits unique to that game's rules.
  • All of these works exploit the instrument's dark, powerful lower range.
  • Knowing where to look and what to look for is also a key concept when finding exploits.
  • His exploits earned him a spot on the cover of Life Magazine that year.
  • Companies have since moved in to exploit these resources as well.
  • He refused to talk about her publicly or otherwise exploit their relationship.
  • Recently, there has been interest in exploiting the coal resources in the region.
  • If they managed to pass the examinations, they could become rich by exploiting other people.
  • Over the course of ten episodes, the series details the company's exploits during the war.
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Meaning of exploit

  • verb Use or manipulate to one's advantage
    He exploit the new taxation system, She knows how to work the system, he works his parents for sympathy
  • verb Draw from; make good use of
    we must exploit the resources we are given wisely