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  • The film is often considered the first to deal explicitly with the draft.
  • However, such an official is explicitly not the president of the country.
  • Given a prime power with prime and, the field may be explicitly constructed in the following way.
  • Finally, another freedom was added, to explicitly say that users should be able to run the program.
  • These reasons are rarely explicitly stated, though the child might be aware of them.
  • That later artists were aware of his work is evident in their own, sometimes explicitly.
  • The party explicitly abandoned its former center-right course.
  • The constitution provides for freedom of speech, but does not explicitly provide for freedom of the press.
  • CE is often preferred by those who desire a term that does not explicitly use religious titles.
  • Later stories may contradict the previous ones or explicitly establish that they never happened.
  • Following this incident, his choice of costume represents explicitly whom he would like to actually become.
  • Rules constitute a family, rather than a class that can be explicitly defined.
  • The red and blue colours also explicitly referred to the same two countries, former and present union partners.
  • The Canadian Charter has little to say, explicitly at least, about economic and social rights.
  • In Scotland, city status did not explicitly receive any recognition by the state until the 19th century.
  • These delegates typically said explicitly which leadership candidate they would support.
  • Their publication "explicitly included the relation of the social world to the material environment."
  • The edge-path group can be described explicitly in terms of generators and relations.
  • As an explicitly spiritual movement, anthroposophy has sometimes been called a religious philosophy.
  • Similarly, in some two-tone languages, only one tone is marked explicitly.
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  • adverb In an explicit manner
    in his foreword Professor Clark puts it explicitly