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  • He wrote an explanatory letter to a gay organization after being ordered not to do so.
  • The fact just stated is explanatory of much in his subsequent career. Cited from Something of Men I Have Known, by Adlai E. Stevenson
  • Some sources say he left an explanatory note before leaving, though this was denied.
  • Two versions of the film were made, one featuring an explanatory voice-over.
  • Green Side also takes its name from the fell side, the two English words being self-explanatory.
  • In this era, it simply meant an explanatory text written to show an idea.
  • And the conference report also includes a joint explanatory statement of the conference committee.
  • She only supposed the future letter would be more explanatory. Cited from Elster's Folly, by Mrs. Henry Wood
  • A few words explanatory of their relation to the village may be here properly given. Cited from Salem Witchcraft, Volumes I and II, by Charles Upham
  • These explanatory notes presented the political content on the history of England.
  • A few explanatory notes are given at the end of the book. Cited from The Scarlet Gown, by R. F. Murray
  • A theory can be a body of knowledge, which may or may not be associated with particular explanatory models.
  • But there was one amongst the party who found words fit for the occasion, and quite explanatory. Cited from Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, No. 376, February 1847, Vol. 61
  • The word is quite self-explanatory and means a person who has vowed to have only one wife.
  • The setting of these courses are overall self-explanatory with their names.
  • Subsequent publications have been mainly explanatory of the work done throughout the 1970s.
  • For example, some consider it to simply be a limit on our current explanatory ability.
  • Of course, if parties are generally satisfied post-settlement, then such measures may not be particularly explanatory.
  • These kind of explanatory models are part of the process that people use to construct medical culture.
  • An explanatory sign has been sited at a new car park near the end of the public road.
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