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  • No one has yet been able to explain why he decided to do so.
  • Upon returning, he asked the manager to stay since he wanted to explain something.
  • It also explains how the story grew from this first idea into the published version.
  • This may be explained in part by the somewhat better soil found in some areas.
  • London explained both writers based their stories on the same newspaper account.
  • As explained above, the number of staff positions must be taken into account as well.
  • She then explained everything to him including that she had given her life to Christ.
  • The band explained that they wanted fans to hear the music as it should be.
  • But then he explains that most of the second act was very effective.
  • As such, the movie is also the only version that explains the second head.
  • Several theories have been put forth to explain why the game was developed.
  • She explained that she had been feeling low in the six months before her admission.
  • These changes were explained gradually over the next several years.
  • This explains why Britain agreed to return so much while being in such a strong position.
  • The damage was explained away with the staff not being paid.
  • The second half is always about something different from the previous ones and the ending is never explained.
  • Like other ancient writers, he was attempting to explain what makes something a living thing.
  • The fact that I have to explain this kind of takes the edge off my flow.
  • By studying the boy, they would also be able to explain the relationship between man and society.
  • A number of factors explain why the election was so close.
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Meaning of explain

  • verb Make plain and comprehensible
    He explained the laws of physics to his students
  • verb Define
    The committee explained their plan for fund-raising to the Dean