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  • Info Experience is the knowledge or mastery of an subject or event gained through involvement in or exposure to it.
  • Her near death experience becomes a chance for her to be born again.
  • It takes care of everything that is in existence and in our experience.
  • She felt she had the ability to do so because of her near death experience.
  • People came to this theatre for an experience, not only to see a show.
  • Children who are poor at writing letters typically lack experience in writing in general.
  • A number of changes were introduced as a result of experience gained in the battle.
  • She also drew up a will after a near-death experience.
  • Students receive hands-on experience in planning and actually building their own original games.
  • We wish you and all our friends to experience better times.
  • I have a life-long experience of men and their ways. Cited from The Betrayal, by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  • This first-hand experience would benefit her during the next five years.
  • By this time he must have had considerable experience at sea.
  • We would not be able to tell that these experiences were not real.
  • They get to have a first hand experience of the reason for these differences.
  • The region has experienced extensive changes over the years, starting after the battle.
  • This tour provides students with first-hand experience of American culture and the education system.
  • Many women took advantage of their new social freedom to try new experiences.
  • They experience every division within the office and receive hands on experience most nights.
  • Both books deal with near-death experiences and how they change people's lives.
  • Both books deal with near-death experiences and how they change people's lives.
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Meaning of experience

  • noun The accumulation of knowledge or skill that results from direct participation in events or activities
    a man of experience, experience is the best teacher
  • noun The content of direct observation or participation in an event
    he had a religious experience, he recalled the experience vividly
  • noun An event as apprehended
    a surprising experience, that painful experience certainly got our attention
  • verb Go or live through
    We had many trials to go through, he saw action in Viet Nam
  • verb Go through (mental or physical states or experiences)
    get an idea, experience vertigo, get nauseous, receive injuries, have a feeling