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  • He was expelled from primary school at the early age of five and a half.
  • The list of people who were thus expelled goes on and on.
  • Early in the evening, around two hundred soldiers entered the village, expelling the women and children.
  • No state has left and there are no provisions to do so or to be expelled.
  • However, those expelled could only leave the country in ships specified by the king.
  • After being expelled from several schools, at the age of fourteen he decided to become self-taught.
  • For instance, he expelled the majority of the French section and replaced its leadership.
  • The United States sent troops to round them up and expel them.
  • The Gun-Free school act required people to be expelled from the school for a year.
  • Most of the German population fled or was expelled to post-war Germany.
  • He was expelled from the party he had helped found.
  • There is no such thing as expelling a fellow in this institution now. Cited from Outward Bound, by Oliver Optic
  • The move to expel these people drew wide criticism of the government.
  • That initial falsehood would nearly get him expelled from the academy a few years later when discovered.
  • Most independent members are elected under a party, but either chose to leave the party or are expelled from it.
  • He was expelled from the race and forced to take a two-week break from racing, with no further action taken.
  • It has the ability to expel orange-colored fire from every part of its body.
  • He was expelled from three parties, and represented four different electorates in two states.
  • After he was expelled, he would not be allowed to enter another classroom for the next six years.
  • His resignation came shortly before a vote was held to expel him.
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Meaning of expel

  • verb Force to leave or move out
    He was expelled from his native country