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  • Info Expect, an extension to the Tcl scripting language written by Don Libes, is a program to automate interactions with programs that expose a text terminal interface. more...
  • He expected a great deal of himself and much the same for them.
  • There was still limited opportunity for education and children were expected to work.
  • A young man who obtained this job was expected to become a very important official.
  • They were expected to take part in any military campaign when they would be called for duty.
  • He expected this time they would be met by force.
  • Most offices in foreign countries are expected to be closed as well.
  • He was not successful in either case, nor did he expect to be.
  • Students are expected to learn skills that they will need when they complete their education.
  • As might be expected, this policy caused considerable opposition within the government.
  • You know how those things grow into something you did n't expect. Cited from The Mayor of Warwick, by Herbert M. Hopkins
  • We expect to make further progress on this matter in the next few months.
  • Most of the growth is expected to take place in developing nations.
  • It was expected that this share would be reduced further during the decade.
  • He expected to have to remain on the defensive for at least two weeks.
  • They value the rule of law and expect the same of others.
  • She had been expecting both of them to keep her company that night.
  • There is no reason to expect that this same process cannot be continued in the future.
  • One might expect a solution to follow from such certain language but none does.
  • How else can an actor expect to advance the scene forward without something to play with?
  • It is coming again next year, and I expect to go out with it.
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Meaning of expect

  • verb Regard something as probable or likely
    The meteorologists are expecting rain for tomorrow
  • verb Look forward to the probable occurrence of
    We were expecting a visit from our relatives, She is looking to a promotion, he is waiting to be drafted
  • verb Consider reasonable or due
    I'm expecting a full explanation as to why these files were destroyed
  • verb Look forward to the birth of a child
    She is expecting in March